2-Weeks-Detox-Program (english) – See details


Constructive detox program with 9 detox measures, among others according to Dr. Sircus, Max Gerson, Andreas Moritz, etc. 

In the course of our years of life, impurities, blockages, slagging and poisoning arise in our body, which block and impair the absorption of nutrients in the cells, the blood circulation as well as the energy flow. This can be caused by our (poor) diet, medication intake, air pollution, lack of exercise and many other factors.

The result can be chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, bronchitis, diabetes or cancer, but also allergies or joint diseases such as rheumatism. Heavy metal poisoning, as with mercury, can also cause severe damage to the nervous system. Since the immune system is also weakened by such poisoning and slagging, the body is also unable to defend itself optimally against the resulting diseases.

In this 2-week detoxification program, you will apply detoxification measures through all the organs your body has available for this purpose: you will detoxify through the skin (the largest organ), the respiratory system, the intestines, the kidneys, the mucous membranes and, of course, through the liver, the most important detoxification organ.

You will receive detailed instructions for all 9 detoxification measures, including the sodium bicarbonate cure according to Dr. Sircus, the coffee enemas according to Max Gerson and the liver cleanse according to Andreas Moritz, so that you can perform them independently. The liver cleanse in particular requires a certain amount of preparation time and professional guidance.

After the 2 weeks, your body will be “thoroughly cleansed” and you can decide for yourself which of the detoxification measures you want to continue on your own. For an optimal detoxification of the entire body, it is recommended to maintain or repeat certain measures over a longer period of time. But already after the 2 weeks you will feel more energetic and vital and you may also notice the first improvements in existing physical complaints.

I am available daily for questions during the 2-week program and beyond.



Price: 99 €