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Consecutive 1:1 program for people affected with cancer

The fear after the diagnosis

The diagnosis of a serious illness always causes two types of fear: the fear of the diagnosis itself and the associated thoughts of suffering, pain and possibly death, and the fear of the treatment and the associated side effects of surgery or medication. The thought then often arises that my life will never be the same again and that I am only being determined by others.

In this program you will get to know a different path, without fears and doubts, but with hope and strength. Without “hard” measures that put a strain on the body, but with gentle means that support the body in its self-healing.

Recognizing causes and eliminating them permanently

In addition, this program gets to the bottom of the cause of the disease. Conventional medical therapies are based on treating and removing the symptom, but not on investigating the cause. Therefore, many diseases will eventually reappear in many people treated with conventional medicine. Do you want to be afraid with every pinch or the smallest feature of your body that the disease could come back or do you want to be free of it in the long term?

In this program you will be supported in taking your life back into your own hands, in making your own decisions about how you treat your body and how you help it to heal. We all have self-healing powers within us, otherwise broken bones would not grow back together or cuts would not heal again. However, if our immune system and our body system are out of balance, these self-healing powers can no longer work sufficiently in the event of serious illnesses. Therefore, these must be optimally set in motion again.

Guided and extensive detoxification

This is done through a step-by-step implementation of a wide range of measures from the areas of detoxification, nutrition and mental health that are necessary and helpful for the body and mind. First, the body, our “vessel”, is extensively detoxified using 9 different measures involving all available organs. So via the skin, the intestines, breathing, the mucous membranes and of course via the kidneys and the liver, which is our most important detoxification organ. Here, among other things, the soda cure according to Dr. Sircus, Max Gerson’s coffee enemas and Andreas Moritz’s liver cleanse. This removes all the slags, impurities and toxins that have accumulated over the years as a result of our lifestyle (wrong diet, long intake of medication, air pollution, cosmetics and hygiene items, etc.) that block optimal nutrient absorption and energy flow.

Healthy dietary changes

The body that has been cleaned in this way can then completely absorb the nutrients from the change in diet that are necessary for the optimal supply of the cells. The change in diet is primarily about the basic environment (an acidic environment is the cause of many chronic diseases and joint diseases), low in carbohydrates (too much glucose, i.e. carbohydrates, impedes optimal cell supply and causes slagging) and oxygen-rich (ensures an adequate oxygen supply). for optimal cell division). In addition to the information and precise instructions for the famous Budwig quark, you also get access to over 70 vegan recipes for a suitable diet for cancer.

Mental healing

Did you know that the majority of all illnesses are mental in nature and not physical? In today’s society, stress, hectic, worries and competition are the order of the day. Thus, the vegetative nervous system, which regulates our organs and also the topics of regeneration and self-healing powers, is constantly overwhelmed. Incidentally, this overload can also be measured, e.g. via adrenaline tests or heart rate variability measurements. The consequences are very often chronic illnesses or burn-out. In this program, we get to the bottom of the possible causes of your illness together, consider measures to remedy them and develop strategies for dealing with them without overtaxing your nervous system. For this we work with the meditations according to Dr. Joe Dispenza incl. the MindMovies and you will receive 56 daily information and motivational messages.

Activate self-healing powers

In this program you will activate your self-healing powers physically and mentally with the aim of being freed from your illness naturally and sustainably. You will be guided and accompanied step by step without overtaxing yourself. And in such a way that it can be easily integrated into your personal everyday life. Every week you will receive a new weekly plan with the planned measures for you. You will receive comprehensive and explanatory instructions for all measures. You will receive motivating and explanatory short messages by e-mail every day.

After the 8 weeks, you will be able to independently integrate these new habits into your everyday life and continue to do so to achieve lasting healing.

This program is also excellently suited to preventively optimizing the body system before an illness occurs, so that serious illnesses do not develop in the first place.


To create and live a healthy, self-determined and fulfilling “new” life!


Price: 500 Euros (equivalent to 530 US-$)